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Pork Miso Soup and Restaurant Lights is the second chapter of Sweetness and Lightning.


The chapter opens with Kohei preparing Tsumugi's breakfast. A flashback shows the continuation of the conversion at the end of the previous chapter, with Kohei answering Kotori's question with the proposition that it seems strange to eat with a random family. Kotori rebuttals that they are more acquainted than that, as he is the assistant homeroom teacher for her class. She also admits to being lonely, for her parents are divorced and her mother is usually busy, a fact that calls to the attention that the restaurant may shut down. The flashback ends, transitioning to Kohei teaching math in his classroom and confirming that Kotori is indeed a student there.

Later, after Kohei gets help about the situation from the homeroom teacher, Hosaka, he texts Kotori asking to speak to her mother about cooking and eating with them again. Kotori replies setting a date for next Wednesday, but when the Inuzukas arrive Kotori is alone again with just a letter from her mother apologizing. The family is roped into staying and Kohei prepares pork miso soup for everyone. While cutting the daikon, Kohei suggests handing the knife to Kotori, which she refuses, bringing to attention her fear of knives that stared when she accidentally cut her finger as a child.

The soup is served, alongside rice, and the taste makes the trio incredibly happy. Kohei admits to having fun cooking and seeing how happy the event made Tsumugi, decides to come to the restaurant once more.


Pork Miso Soup