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Kōhei Inuzuka
Japanese 犬塚 公平
Romaji Kōhei Inuzuka
Birth Date April 25th
Gender Male
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Personal Status
Affiliation Highschool Math Teacher
Family Tsumugi Inuzuka (Daughter)

Tae Inuzuka (Deceased Wife)

Status Alive
Debut Chapter 1 (Manga)

Episode 1 (Anime)

Kohei Inuzuka is the single father of Tsumugi Inuzuka and a high school math teacher at Kotori Iida's school.

Tae Inuzuka (Kohei’s wife) died from an unknown illness six months before the start of the story. He's a plain but hardworking man whose daughter is his life, and it's his goal to be able to prepare healthy and delicious meals for the two of them. 

With Kotori's help and her mother's recipes, he's steadily learning more about food and cooking and is always proud and happy when he sees Tsumugi enjoying something he's made.


Kōhei is a tall, slim man and has brown hair and green eyes. He also wears top rimless glasses. He is usually seen wearing a buttoned white-sleeved shirt, brown pants, and a black belt, and when he's teaching with a blue neck-tie.

When he was a child, he had full-moon glasses.


He was depicted as plain and hard to remember - as stated by Shinobu at their first meeting - but despite this, Kōhei is a kind-hearted, considerate and hardworking man. He was determined to put all of his worry and uncertainty aside for his daughter Tsumugi in order for her to start eating home-cooked meals than standard bentos bought from stores. His determination is unfaltering especially when it came to his daughter and her well-being. Though he once wondered if he was spoiling Tsumugi, Kotori reassured him that families have different ways of upbringing their children. He scolds Tsumugi whenever she has done something wrong but is not fond of doing it since he does not want to hurt Tsumugi's feelings as much as he can. But he promised her that he would scold her if she had done something bad and it would be because he cared deeply for her.


His wife, Tae, died due to an unknown reason and since her death, he has been raising Tsumugi on his own in the comforts of their home in a complex building. His colleagues, too, check up on him every now and then, asking if he is eating properly since he is quite thin and does not get much sleep. He and Tsumugi rarely eat dinner together until they have arranged to meet with Kotori in her restaurant for them to cook together and provide Tsumugi more home-cooked meals. As the series progresses, Kōhei has grown more confident in cooking and Tsumugi is always more than happy to eat her father's cooking.

Character Relationships

  • Tsumugi Inuzuka - Kōhei cares for Tsumugi very much and he stated that there is never a moment where he does not think of her. It troubles him when he sees Tsumugi sad or has something in mind. He tires to fix it as fast as he can just so she will He often uses food to cheer her up whenever she is feeling down. He strives hard to foster Tsumugi well and frequently teaches her the difference between what is right and what is wrong. He does not like it when people think Tsumugi of something that she is not- just as when Mikio accused her as a thief.
  • Kotori Iida - It was unknown to Kōhei that Kotori was one of his students until they met in Kotori's restaurant and noticed her uniform. Kotori cares for both Kōhei and Tsumugi and vice versa. When he agreed to meet up for a few times a month, he also said that they would turn on the lights outside the restaurant to assure Kotori that the restaurant will not disappear despite of her mother being constantly absent because of her work. Kotori developed feelings for Kōhei later in the manga but he is unaware of it.
  • Shinobu Kojika - Shinobu and Kōhei first met when she helped them cook gyoza together with Yagi. Shinobu asked Kotori why she had not told her about Kōhei and Tsumugi visiting the restaurant and that she does not even know him. Kōhei then said that seeing as she is in a different class, their math teacher was not him. She helps them cook whenever she could and is very supportive with their arrangement as she genuinely wants them to learn cooking more and wants them to cherish those moments.
  • Yagi Yuusuke - Yagi is Kōhei and Tae's friend since highschool. When Tae died, he made sure to check on Kōhei as much as he could, even offering to drink with him when he is alone. He looks after Tsuimigi when Kōhei is too busy and has a good relationship with her as well. Kōhei is thankful for Yagi for helping him even though he is already busy with his restaurant. Sometimes, he also joins the gang- Kōhei, Tsumugi, Kotori and Shinobu -at the restaurant and cooks with them.
  • Tae Inuzuka - Tae is Kōhei's deceased wife. They met in highschool and have been in a relationship until her death. Based on brief flashbacks, it was seen that he had a loving relationship with Tae together with their daughter, Tsumugi.
  • Iida Megumi - Megumi is Kotori's mother and the owner of the Megumi restaurant. They failed to properly meet each other a couple of times but then they finally were formally introduced at the last episode of the anime where they had an Okonomiyaki party.
  • Older Brother - He has an older brother who is married with a daughter that is older than Tsumugi. He and his brother often don’t see eye-to-eye because of his brother’s hot temper, aggressiveness, and rigid attitude, however he understands that deep down his brother just cares about him and Tsumugi and is worried about them, especially after the death of Tae. In chapter 28 they cook sanma (pacific saury) together and before he leaves he hugs both Kōhei and Tsumugi.
  • Yuko - She is his older sister and currently lives in Canada and comes to visit him in chapter 41. She has a daughter name Ellie who is half Japanese and is a year younger than Tsumugi. She married her husband after finding out she was pregnant.


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