Amaama to Inazuma Wikia
Megumi Iida
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Personal Status
Family Kotori Iida (Daughter)
Muneo Iida (Ex-Husband)
Occupation Chef
Status Alive
Debut Chapter 9 (Manga)
Episode 3 (Anime)

Megumi Iida (飯田 恵 Iida Megumi) is the ex-wife of Mueno Iida and the mother of Kotori Iida. She is a celebrity chef and the owner of the restaurant ‘Megumi’.


She is a beautiful and youthful looking woman. When filming her cooking shows, she frequently sports different kinds of high school uniforms which embarrasses her daughter. When she was younger she had short hair.


She has a cheerful and laid back personality. However, she is a hardworking woman with a tight and unpredictable schedule who often goes to work early in the morning and returns home late at night. Despite her laid back nature, Kotori has mentioned that her mother was strict when it came to eating food and is the reason she isn’t a picky eater. She is very good with children as shown with her interaction with Tsumugi.


She use to run the restaurant ‘Megumi’ full-time but was offered a job as a chef on TV and now only opens the store on weekends. She was married to Muneo but divorced him when Kotori was in elementary school. She allows Mr. Inuzuka and Tsumugi to use the restaurant’s kitchen during the weekday as she is glad Kotori won’t have to eat alone.


Kotori Iida[]

While she has a close relationship with her daughter, she often stands her up because of her busy schedule. Because of this, she is happy that Mr. Inuzuka and Tsumugi have started cooking at the restaurant as she feels it makes the atmosphere more lively and keeps Kotori from being too lonely.

Muneo Iida[]

Muneo is her ex-husband. They divorced when Kotori was very young. However, she kept her ex-husband’s surname after the divorce.

Yagi Yuusuke[]

During the okonomiyaki chapter, Yagi dresses smartly upon hearing that she will be joining them and wants to get her business card (probably due to the fact that she is a celebrity chef).


  • The name Megumi (恵) means "favor, benefit".