Amaama to Inazuma Wikia
Muneo Iida
Gender Male
Eye Color Dark Green
Hair Color Black
Personal Status
Family Megumi Iida (ex-Wife)

Kotori Iida (Daughter)

Status Alive
Debut Chapter 22 (Manga)

Muneo Iida is the father of Kotori Iida and ex-husband of Megumi Iida.


He’s a very tall man with broad shoulders and a stern looking face with thick eyebrows. Because of his appearance, Tsumugi mistook him for an ogre (oni) and was scared of him. Many people think he is scary looking. His daughter thinks he has cute eyes.


Despite his looks, he is actually a quiet and gentle person who loves his daughter a lot, evident by him coming over to help her shovel snow when he thought she might be doing it alone.


He was a police officer when Kotori was younger. However when Megumi decided to take over the restaurant after her father died, he quit his job to help her but it ended up putting a strain on their relationship because Megumi did not discuss it with him before taking over the restaurant and so he did not discuss quitting his job as a policeman with her either. This eventually lead to them getting a divorce. After the split,he got a job working for a security company.

He started meeting with Megumi again to discuss Kotori’s plans for the future. Seeing how determined his daughter was, he supported her wholeheartedly, telling Megumi to let Kotori make her own decisions. After this, he and Megumi started meeting more and more, usually when Kotori isn’t around, which lead to Megumi falling back in love with him. This lead to Kotori feeling complicated because she wondered, if it was so easy for them to be in love again, why did they end up getting a divorce and she remembered how they use to argue a lot before they split up. They talked about what happened during that period of time, how each of them felt, and what eventually lead to the final decision. In the end, Kotori tells them that she’s glad they are getting along again and they enjoy the udon noodles she made because it reminded her of a happier time when they were still a family unit.


Kotori Iida[]

He has a good relationship with his daughter even though he does not see her very often. He is always thinking of her and he tells her that if she ever needs anything he’ll always come to her. While they were living together when he was still married to Megumi, he spoiled Kotori a lot such as sneaking food for her to taste while her mom was cooking. He once taught an elementary school Kotori how to make udon from scratch which he learned from his boss at the time.

Megumi Iida[]

He was married to Megumi until his daughter was in elementary school. They appear to have had quite a good relationship but slowly grew distant and eventually decided to get divorced.

Yuusuke Yagi[]

Yagi first met him when he was helping Kotori shovel snow in front of the restaurant. Curious about him, he invited him to his bar for some drinks and a chat.