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Onigiri is the 29th recipe of Sweetness and Lightning.


  • Some rice
  • Salt
  • Seaweed
  • Cooked salmon, dried plums, etc.


  1. Prepare a bowl of water.
  2. Put the rice gently into the chawan (a tea bowl). Wet both hands with water, and then put salt on the left palm.
  3. Move the rice from the chawan to your left hand. Make a small hole in the center and add the filling. Then cover the hole with rice and gently squeeze.
  4. Once the hole is covered, form it into a triangle, spinning it as you go. (If you form the base with your left hand and the corners at the top with your right hand as you spin, it will turn into a triangle!)
  5. Once it's formed into a triangle shape, wrap the seaweed around and you're done!

Side notes[]

  1. Use freshly cooked rice.
  2. Make the balls while it's as hot as possible.
  3. Don't use too much water.
  4. Squeeze lightly.