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Shinobu Kojika

Shinobu Kojika (小鹿 しのぶ Kojika Shinobu) is the best friend of Kotori Iida who have known each other ever since Middle School.

After finding out about Kotori often cooking with Tsumugi Inuzuka and Kōhei Inuzuka, she often comes to help them out as well, as she is a better cook since she often helps out at home. It is said that she also knows Yūsuke Yagi, as her family supplies the ingredients for his restaurant.

Shinobu makes her first appearance in Chapter 5 (Manga) and Episode 4 (Anime).


Shinobu has long blonde hair that is tied up in two twintails with 3 strands of hair sticking out and brown eyes. At school she is usually seen wearing her school uniform with black socks, her casual outfits vary.


Unlike Kotori Iida, Shinobu is seen to be easygoing and energetic that Kotori once stated that even though they were in the same school in elementary school, they didn't meet until middle school due to her being afraid of Shinobu's energetic personality. Shinobu often goes over to Kotori's to help the gang with cooking.


Shinobu is Kotori Iida's best friend ever since middle school, it is stated that they did attend the same elementary school, but never met formally. She has younger identical twin brothers. Their family runs a vegetable shop where they supply Kotori and Yūsuke Yagi's restaurants. After having a chance encounter of Kōhei Inuzuka and Tsumugi Inuzuka in Kotori's restaurant, Shinobu occasionally joins them to cook- often with Yagi -and tries to leave all the cooking to Kotori and Kōhei as much as possible as she wants them to be happy and improve their cooking skills.

Character Relationships[]

  • Kotori Iida - Kotori and Shinobu are classmates since elementary but only became friends in middle school. She looks after Kotori as much as she can as her mother, Megumi, has a hectic schedule and is almost never home.
  • Kōhei Inuzuka- Shinobu did not know who Kōhei was on their first meeting as they had a different math teacher in their class. They eventually warm up to each other and Shinobu, together with Yagi helps him and Kotori with cooking.
  • Tsumugi Inuzuka - Shiinobu immediately got along with Tsumugi as she is very used to children because of her siblings.
  • Yagi Yuusuke - Yagi and Shinobu formally met when they had a gyoza party at Kotori's restaurant. Shinobu tries to keep Yagi from interfering between Kotori and Kōhei as he acts dense at times and forgets the purpose of them cooking together. They eventually become friends despite Yagi not being fond of Shinobu calling him "Yagi-chin", saying that he is her elder.


  • Shinobu is 16-17 years old.