Amaama to Inazuma Wikia
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Personal Status
Family Unnamed Father

Unnamed Mother

Occupation Kindergartner - Elementary Schooler
Status Alive
Debut Chapter 20 {Manga}

Suguru is Tsumugi Inuzuka‘s classmate in art class. His other classmates describe him as scary.


He has light coloured hair, dark eyes and is missing a tooth.


He is a quiet boy who originally comes off as aloof and cold but that was because he was worried about his mother who was in the hospital because she was ready to give birth to his sister. Later after being invited to Tsumugi’s house, he starts to open up.


He is first mentioned telling Tsumugi Inuzuka that Santa isn’t real. After that he asks her if she is ”the child with no mom”. This upsets Tsumugi and she asks him why he would ask her that while the other children says he is scary. He tells her he is wondering what it’s like to celebrate Christmas without a mom which confuses Tsumugi.

After Christmas, Tsumugi spots him looking into a window and she runs up to him and gives him one of her handmade Christmas ornaments. To her shock, she sees that he had been crying. Angry, he slaps the ornament out of her hand just as his dad calls out to him and tells him they were heading home.

Later at art class, he ignores Tsumugi and the rest of their classmates, but when it was time to go home he started making a fuss and told his dad that he didn’t want to go to the hospital (where his mother was giving birth). Seeing him upset, Tsumugi invites him to her house instead. His aloof nature surprises her dad who imagines him as a ‘bad boy’ type, taking Tsumugi out on dates. While they make mochi for lunch, he notes that her dad is making lunch for them which indicates that his father probably doesn’t have time to do things like that. Then he sees the photo of Tsumugi’s mom which finally causes him to break down in tears stating that he thinks his mom is going to die at the hospital because everything was fine when he left for school but when he came back she had been hospitalised. Tsumugi comforts him by saying that her mother was gone and never coming back but his mother was still at the hospital and he should go visit her tomorrow. This shocks Mr. Inuzuka. Tsumugi then tells Suguru that if he eats mochi he’ll become super strong and Mr. Inuzuka suggests that Suguru help them make mochi and bring some back for his dad who was probably also worried and trying to hold it together just like Suguru. Suguru finally calms down and agrees to help with the food preparation. Watching Mr. Inuzuka cook he feels a sense of admiration and comments that even though he is a man, Mr. Inuzuka appears to be good at cooking. Mr. Inuzuka simply states that it is because he has a great teacher.

A few days later they see him with his family, his mother is with them and his father is carrying his new baby sister.

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