Tae Inuzuka is Tsumugi Inuzuka's mother and Kohei Inuzuka's wife who mysteriously died before the series started. In both the anime and manga, her photograph can occasionally be seen which hints at her appearance.

Appearance Edit

Tae resembled much of her daughter's features. She has short caramel blonde hair that ended above her shoulders. Her eyes are green with the same shade as Tsumugi and Kōhei's. She appeared to be slim and quite petite with a fair skin.

Personality Edit

She was a caring mother to Tsumugi and loving wife to Kōhei. She loved cooking home-cooked meals and even wrote a recipe book of her meals- one of which is Tsumugi's favorite dry curry. Knowing that Kōhei works hard on his profession and that he isn't an avid eater, she often reminded him to eat more.

History Edit

She died six months before the start of the story due to unknown illness. Tae met Kōhei and Yagi back in highschool.

Character Relationships Edit

  • Kōhei Inuzuka - Kōhei is Tae's husband and Tsumugi's father. According to Yagi, they have been in a relationship since they were in highschool.
  • Tsumugi Inuzuka - Tsumugi is Tae and Kōhei's only daughter. She appeared to have a very loving relationship with Tsumugi and even made her the pink bag that Tsumugi uses to her school. Tsumugi refuses to replace it as she wanted to keep it since Tae made it for her.