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Tsumugi Inuzuka
Japanese 犬塚 つむぎ
Romaji Tsumugi Inuzuka
Birth Date April 3rd
Age 5 (Anime)

5 (Manga debut) ~ 20 (current Manga)

Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Orange
Personal Status
Family Kōhei Inuzuka (Father)

Tae Inuzuka (Mother, deceased)

Occupation Kindergartner - Elementary Schooler - Middle Schooler - High Schooler - College Student
Status Alive
Debut Chapter 1 {Manga}

Episode 1 (Anime)

Tsumugi Inuzuka (犬塚 つむぎ Inuzuka Tsumugi) is the daughter of Kōhei Inuzuka and Tae Inuzuka who is very fond of tasty food and she currently goes to an unnamed kindergarten.


Tsumugi is a very cute young girl with hip-length dirty blonde hair that is typically kept in a very wild and frilly manner, but there are instances when she ties it into a ponytail while wearing a baseball cap and vivid green eyes. After starting elementary school in the manga she has her hair cut short, the same length as her mother's.


Tsumugi is an energetic and optimistic young girl who loves food and enjoys going to Kotori Iida's restaurant to cook meals together with everyone. She loves her dad with all her heart and never tries to upset him intentionally. She has also shown to have a vivid imagination, as she is seen walking along the sidewalk while imagining she was surrounded by shark-infested water, and pictured an airplane was a pterodactyl.


Tae Inuzuka (Tsumugi's mother) died six months prior to the anime where she and Kōhei Inuzuka live in a complex building not too far away from her and Kōhei's school. Tsumugi frequently eats the same variations of convenience store bento as Kōhei was not much inclined to cooking and was afraid that his meagre cooking would give Tsumugi a stomach ache. However, when they began cooking and eating with Kotori in her mother's restaurant 'Megumi(恵)', Kōhei gradually became confident in providing Tsumugi with home-cooked meals thus making her enjoy eating furthermore and the father and daughter bond became much stronger.

Character Relationships

  • Kōhei Inuzuka - Tsumugi loves her father dearly and cares for him all the same (as seen on Episode 7 of the anime where she left their home on her own to go to Kotori's house to ask for some aide regarding her father's situation). Though there are times when they have misunderstandings, Tsumugi tries her best on acknowledging her father's feelings and apologizes when it is needed. She is aware of her father's sentiment towards her mother's death and tries to cheer him up as much as she can(in Episode 9 where Kōhei found Tae's recipe book, Tsumugi presumed that her father might have felt sad because of their past memories and gave him a loving hug).
  • Kotori Iida - Kotori and Tsumugi share an adorable sister-like relationship. At the first episode of the anime, it was seen that Tsumugi was ecstatic of coming back to the restaurant when Kotori offered to cook with Kōhei. Though Kōhei had not approved of it at first, he agreed on visiting Kotori's restaurant for a few times a month when he saw how happy Tsumugi was when they ate with Kotori. Tsumugi also appears to trust Kotori a lot when she was the first person Tsumugi went to when her father was sick despite of also knowing where Yagi's house was.
  • Shinobu Kojika - Shinobu gets along with Tsumugi well because she is used to children, as she has her own siblings - two little brothers and a little sister. When Tsumugi was acting rather odd, insisting that she was a cat, Shinobu managed to start a 'cat conversation' with her without any difficulty. She often joins Kotori and Kōhei as well and gives them cooking pointers whenever she can.
  • Yagi Yuusuke - Tsumugi is entrusted to Yagi whenever Kōhei and the baby sitter are not able to pick her up from school. He keeps her entertained for the time being while Kōhei is still not around. He often takes her to the arcade or gives her a tour around markets to buy her snacks.
  • Tae Inuzuka - She is Tsumugi's mother and died six months prior to the anime. Tsumugi loves her just as much as she loves Kōhei and it was seen that she resembled her mother regarding her features rather than Kōhei.
  • Megumi Iida - Tsumugi first saw her when they were having an "Okonomiyaki party" as stated by Shinobu. She warmed up to her and was instantly comfortable around her.
  • Yuuka - She is one of Tsumugi's closest friends in kindergarten and they were shown to spend a lot of time together with their other friend, Hana. Yuuka is kind and mellow and Tsumugi often vists her house to play.
  • Hana - Hana is a friend of Tsumugi whom she once had a small misunderstanding with regarding which character Tsumugi wants to portray in their class's play. It was then resolved with the help of Kōhei and Tsumugi's eagerness to patch things up with Hana.
  • Mikio - Mikio likes to tease Tsumugi but it was hinted that he harbored a small crush on her when he asked her if she wanted to get married with him in the future. Mikio was dejected when Tsumugi refused as she implied that he was mean. He had a fight with Tsumugi when he accused her of stealing Yuuka and Hana's clay when in truth, her friends had willingly given it to her.
  • Mizuki - He is 5 years older than Tsumugi and is one of the older children who walks the younger children to school every school day. Tsumugi is the younger student he is responsible for walking with. Tsumugi greatly admires him and thinks he is cool, she often asks him for advice.


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