This is my first time editing wikis and its quite a big haul that I'm doing, whoever mediates this wiki can see what I'm doing and trying to do.

I'm creating summaries for all the chapters, all with book infoboxes and links to their recipes.

Also, I'm creating recipe pages, as I find them an important part of the Sweetness and Lightning experience (and the entire reason I came to this wiki, trying to them all together in an organized source) 

This matter seems to be more than I bargained for though, timing my process only got me about an hour per chapter and its recipe, so help would be appreciated.

(In addition, this being my first time with wikis, I have no idea if I'm using this blog space for its intended purposes) but if I am, then comment on this and we can talk to each other about the goals we can set to make this wiki better for the sake of one of my favorite manga! 

Thanks~ ;)