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Yūsuke Yagi
Japanese 八木 祐介
Age Late 20s - early 30s
Gender Male
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Blonde
Personal Status
Occupation Restaurant owner
Status Alive
Debut Chapter 7 (Manga)

Episode 5 (Anime)

Yūsuke Yagi (八木 祐介 Yagi Yūsuke) is a friend of Kōhei Inuzuka and Tae Inuzuka from highschool. Due to his job, Kōhei often depends on him to watch Tsumugi Inuzuka when he can't book a babysitter and he owns a small restaurant.


Yagi is a tall and thin man. He is mostly seen with a white collarless shirt and dark jeans. Yagi has short blond hair with sharp eyes and with an unkempt face with stubble, which at first sight Kotori Iida thought he was kidnapping Tsumugi Inuzuka as he was babysitting her. He also smokes often.


Yagi first appears to be a cold man with few words. But contrary to his appearance, he cares deeply about others and has a soft spot for Tsumugi Inuzuka. Although he doesn't talk much compared to other characters, he is a very nice person at heart and watches over Tsumugi when Kōhei Inuzuka needs him. He is also easygoing and enjoys pranks and alcohol.


Yagi was friends with both Kōhei Inuzuka and Tae Inuzuka in highschool. He had been watching the couple since day one. After college, he had an unknown job, presumably as an office worker, before opening his own restaurant about three years prior to the anime after he saved enough money.

He is seen coming over to Kotori Iida's restaurant helping Kōhei and the group from time to time.

He once went to a summer festival with Kōhei and Tae.

During Christmas he dressed up as Santa to deliver presents to Tsumugi as a favour for Kōhei. To Kōhei‘s surprise, he also had a present for him from Tsumugi which was the trifle he helped her make at Megumi’s restaurant. He was later stopped by the police for looking suspicious.


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