Amaama to Inazuma Wikia
Age 5 (Anime)

5 (Manga debut) ~ 7 (current)

Gender Female
Eye Color black
Hair Color Black
Personal Status
Family Unnamed Mother
Occupation Kindergartner - Elementary Schooler
Status Alive
Debut Chapter 3 {Manga}

Yuka is a friend of Tsumugi’s and they attend the same kindergarten.


Yuuka is a very cute girl with black hair cute in a hime-style. She has a gentle face and is often dressed in a very girly manner.


She is a gentle and kind hearted girl but not very assertive, because of this she is sometimes dragged around by Hana. She likes being cute, girly, and like a princess. Yuuka takes ballet classes, describing it as an activity where you “dress as a princess and dance”. She was insulted on Tsumugi’s behalf when Tsumugi mentioned her dad being worried she’ll get fat from eating too much fried food as she felt it was mean. She is a good friend to Tsumugi and often invites her to her home. She takes a lot after her mom who enjoys feminine things and is good at sewing.


When Tsumugi needed more clay to make a birthday gift for her dad, Yuuka willingly gave her all her clay together with some of the other girls in their class.

During the school play after Hana was upset at Tsumugi for wanting to be Mr. Gali Gali, Yuuka fried not to take sides but was dragged around by Hana.

When Tsumugi wanted to where a “fancy princess style dress” for her birthday party she was afraid Yuuka will be upset that Tsumugi is copying her but instead she’s happy that they will have matching dresses.

In chapter 27 it was revealed that she will be attending a private elementary school while Tsumugi and Hana plan to attend a public school.

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